Can I currently start my booked program?

According to the current status, program starts for the USA are possible from 01.01.2021 at the earliest. The J1 programs for the categories Au pair, Work & Travel, Internship, Training and CampCounselor were suspended on 22.6.2020 until the end of the year (with a potential correction within 30 days of the effective date of the proclamation and every 60 days thereafter while the proclamation is in effect). From our side, we are happy to make it possible to postpone the start of the program to 2021 under the current contractual conditions.

However, if you are already in possession of a valid J1 visa, you could enter the USA as soon as the entry ban is lifted by the U.S. government. Please be aware that this would have to be done before the expiration date on your visa. You must also make sure that the DS-2019 form contains your current program information, if not, you should apply for a new DS-2019 form with us. Please contact your Program Coordinator for information on how to obtain a new DS-2019 Form.

What is the procedure if I cannot postpone the start of the program and therefore have to withdraw from the program?

Since we offer a wide range of programs, we would be happy to clarify this question with you individually. Please contact us by e-mail.

Can I apply now for a program with start 2021?

You are very welcome to apply for our programs (and without financial risk). Use the time now to create applications and start the process with us. However, your flexibility is needed, as we cannot yet say for sure when it will be exactly possible to enter the respective country. We will of course inform you immediately when it is possible to start again.

We will have detailed program information (prices, services, contracts) for most programs from September on. For the au pair program, you can already go through the complete application process.

Does my international health insurance also cover treatments in connection with COVID-19?

If your program includes insurance through Intrax, it will cover COVID-19 treatment as any other diseases. Since the insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, it would not apply if you were already ill upon arrival. Also, the health insurance would not cover the costs for a preventive tests without symptoms.

If your program does not include insurance through Intrax, you should check with your health insurance company.