Work and Travel - Your Adventure Abroad

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Have you ever dreamed of living abroad, immersing yourself in a different environment and experiencing another culture up close? Are you ready to leave your comfort zone behind, challenge yourself and explore a new country? Then why wait any longer? Our work and travel programs offer you a unique framework that allows you to combine prearranged jobs with independent travel.

Start out your adventure by working a summer job at a national park or taking care of kids and teens as a camp counselor and help them have the summer of their lives! Afterwards, you are free to travel on your own and explore the country at your own pace. Work and travel is not only the perfect option for anyone looking for the right balance between organized program and independent travel. It is also one of the cheapest ways to go abroad, because you will be able to earn money and bolster your travel budget. 

Your Benefits Abroad

  • Get to know a new culture

  • Earn money for your travels

  • Go travel a new country

  • Improve your English

  • Challenge yourself and develop new skills

  • Make new international friends

  • Boost your CV with experience abroad

  • Experience an international work environment

Do You Want to Spend More Time With Kids?

If you have experience in looking after children and would like to go abroad as an Au pair, check out our AuPairCare programs in the USA, Australia and New Zealand!

Find the Right Program in the United States

Work & Travel abroad is not just about taking a break from your daily life. An extended period abroad will teach you about a whole new lifestyle and work culture and allows you to make many international contacts. Check out our work and travel options in the land of endless opportunities and find the right challenge for you. Whether you enjoy spending time with children, work in a national park, learn about the housekeeping business or prefer to find your own summer job - we have the right program that suits you!

waitress at a cafe

Perfect for university students looking for a summer job during their break. Work at a hotel, resort, restaurant or amusement park in attractive tourist locations.


camp counselor with kids

Work in different types of summer camps and make money while taking care of children and teenagers.

Please contact us directly if you are interested in our Work and Travel programs in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. We offer farm- or ranchstays, hostel jobs and the classic work & travel experience!