Your Hospitality Internship in the USA

An internship in the USA will look highly impressive on your resume. While being an economic superpower and one of the most influential countries in the world, you will find the work environment in the USA quite refreshing and positive. European interns always profit from the American "can-do attitude". There is no need to be intimidated as your American supervisor and colleagues will respect your courage to strive for work experience abroad and will appreciate your motivation and fresh international perspective.

As an intern in the USA you will...

  • learn a lot about American business methods

  • develop new skills

  • improve your English

  • grow a professional business network

  • turn colleagues into friends

  • grow in self-confidence

Quick Facts at a Glance

  • year-round start possible

  • internships in the hospitality field

  • application deadline: at least 12 weeks before start date

  • hospitality internship duration: 6 – 12 months

  • J1 visa service included in your program fees

  • paid internship

Ready to be an Intern?

Fill out our non-binding application form now and take your first step towards becoming an intern in the USA!

Hospitality Internship

waiter at a restaurant

Would you like to gain work experience in a world-class hotel? A hospitality internship is for students and professionals in hotel management, culinary art, tourism or other internship fields that a 4- or 5-star-hotel, resort or fine dining restaurant might have to offer.

Intrax has a team of placement coordinators working out of San Francisco. They place you, according to your level of experience, in prestigious hotels such as the Marriott, Hilton, Ritz Carleton in attractive tourist regions all across the USA. Resorts tend to be in locations near an ocean. If you aim to rather work in a restaurant, it will be in a place considered fine-dining, often Michelin-rated. During your 12-month-internship or training in the USA, you will rotate through various departments and thus gain a lot of diverse experience in American business methods revolving around hospitality and tourism.

Before you accept an interview, you will receive an internship description detailing the departments you will get to know, the salary, what is expected of you, and either a link to the website or video of the host company. 

Program Requirements

The internship and training programs are being closely monitored by the U.S. Department of State. In fact, the American government created the J1 internship visa with the specific purpose of enabling you and others to gain exposure to U.S. culture and to receive hands-on experience in U.S. business practices in your field of study. Because of this commitment, the U.S. Department of State defines the conditions of the internship and determines the host company and participant requirements. The government regularly audits the program and all sides involved, thus guaranteeing a meaningful experience.

To be eligible for the internship program, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • 18+ years old (20+ for trainees)

  • internship directly relates to your field of study

  • proof of funding of at least $2000 per month

  • advanced English language skills

  • at least two completed semesters at a university outside the USA, or degree acquired no longer than 12 months before program start (for interns)

  • for trainees: at least 1 year of work experience in your field of study

Step by Step to your Internship

woman applying
Your Application

Fill in an application form at least three months before your start date and upload your documents in the MyIntrax Portal (please create an account by registering first).

women video chatting
Program Consulting Call

Schedule a Skype interview with us to tell us about yourself and learn more about the program. Use the Skype interview to practice presenting yourself online via webcam to a potential employer.

wallet with credit cards
Pay the Application Fee

Hospitality internships: 330€/$350 application fee. 

intern with colleagues
Internship Placement

Upon confirmation with both sides that the interview resulted in a placement offer and acceptance, please pay the remaining program fees.

passport stamps
Apply for your Visa

Intrax issues your DS-2019 form which enables you to apply for a J1 visa at the American embassy or consulate of your choice.


airplane flying
Prepare for your Departure

Once you have your visa, you can book a flight, receive pre-departure orientation information, and pack your suitcase!

Program Costs and Benefits

An internship is a valuable investment in your future. A work experience abroad appeals to employers and increases their trust in your abilities and their willingness to pay well. It also increases your self-confidence and helps you grow as a person.

However, an internship in the USA does cost money, which is why you will need to figure out the cost of living in your guest city and have a financial plan in place. To help you estimate how much money you will need, we would like to give you an overview of the costs as well as a few numbers on rent, transport, and food in popular cities in the USA such as New York City, San Francisco and Chicago. In general, you will need to financially plan for your flight, transportation, housing, including a security deposit for the first month’s rent, electricity, phone, internet, food, personal care products, leisure time activities, etc.

Our Program Prices

kitchen staff in restaurant
Hospitality Internship
  • $/€ 3000 total for 12 months internship or training
  • Discount for Culinary placements:$/€ 2750 for 12 months
  • Application fee ($/€ 450)
  • Remaining fee due upon placement
  • J1 visa service, SEVIS and insurance included


Do you need help financing your internship?


Contact your university’s international office and your department to inquire about funding options offered by your institution. They can also advise you about scholarships other students have successfully applied for in your school. Alternatively, you can search for government funding opportunities on a local, state or national level. Business associations, chambers of business, private foundations, local community clubs or private foundations might be willing to support your internship plans if you can convince them that you aim to use your experience for the benefit of your local community upon your return.

Your Benefits

  • Thorough program consultation

  • Interview preparation call

  • Optimization of application documents

  • Outreach to host companies in your field of study

  • Detailed internship description

  • Scheduling Skype call with interested host companies

J1 Visa
  • DS-2019 and J1 visa service upon confirmation of placement


  • $220 SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System) fee paid for you by Intrax to the U.S. government

  • Medical insurance in compliance with J1 regulations

  • Pre-Departure orientation and online handbook

  • Emergency phone and on-program support service

Not included
  • U.S. consulate interview fee ($185)

  • Flights

  • Housing (we will provide tips and information)

  • Living expenses (check our FAQ section for more info)