Besides your own participation requirements for an internship or training in the USA, your host company needs to meet some conditions as well. As a J1 visa sponsor, Intrax issues the DS-2019 for companies and corporations of all sizes, law firms, government institutions, non-profit organizations, galleries etc. If your host company has not worked with Intrax before or if they have never hosted an international intern or trainee, feel free to get them in touch with us prior to filling in the application. We will be glad to assure the company that the paperwork involving a J1 visa application will not take much time and that it will be free of charge for them.

We will need to verify ourselves that your host company fulfills the requirements listed below, but you will save yourself and your supervisor’s time if you check prior to applying whether your host company fulfills the prerequisites based on J1 visa regulations.

J1 Eligibility Requirements for U.S. Host Companies

These are the J1 Eligibility Requirements for U.S. Host Companies:

  • The internship or training offered will directly relate to the J1 visa applicant’s studies/profession

  • In case the company wants to host more than 1 J1 intern/trainee at the same time (regardless of the specific J1 sponsor for each intern), there must be 5 fulltime employees per 1 J1 intern/trainee (5:1 ratio)

  • There will have a designed supervisor on site

  • Suitable office space is available

  • At least half of the employees are U.S. citizens

  • The language spoken at work is English

  • The internship entails not more than 20% of clerical work

  • The company website is in English

  • The annual revenue is at least $ 3 million OR the company has at least 25 employees on site OR the company has already hosted a J1 intern or trainee with Intrax as the sponsor and has not changed the company seat. Alternatively, Intrax needs to conduct a company visit (On-Site Visit) for an additional fee

  • Proof of Worker Compensation Insurance covering interns and trainees or proof of an alternative, equivalent insurance or proof of official exemption from being obliged to carry such insurance or self-insured

  • The internship or training comprises 32 hours minimum per week

  • The company may provide a stipend or a non-monetary compensation but is not obliged to do so

  • In the field of Hospitality, only 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts and fine dining restaurants are permitted

Eligible internship and training categories

The U.S. Department of State decides, which internship and training categories a visa sponsor may support.

Intrax offers J-1 Visa sponsorship for Interns and Trainees within the following categories:

  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

  • Arts & Culture

  • Construction & Building Trades

  • Education, Teaching, Social Sciences, Library Science, Counseling & Social Services

  • Hospitality & Tourism

  • Information Media & Communications

  • Management, Business, Commerce & Finance

  • Public Administration & Law

  • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics & Industrial Occupations

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Proof of Your Host Company’s Compliance

By the time you have registered in MyIntraxPortal, you are probably quite certain that your host company fulfills all program requirements. As a J1 visa sponsor, we are obliged to confirm and document that we have verified compliance. We get in touch with your host company and ask for documents and a phone call, and - if needed -, we visit them on-site.

These Are the Documents Confirming Eligibility

  • Signed Host Company Agreement outlining the responsibilities, goals and requirements of a J1 internship or training program according to the U.S. Department of State.

  • DS-7002 Internship Training Placement Plan which contains information such as the Employer ID number EIN, Number of employees, annual revenue, website, qualification of supervisor and an outline of the goals, tasks, projects and methods of supervision during one or several phases of the internship or training The DS-7002 structures internships in phases. Trainings must comprise of at least two phases so that a professional development is clearly planned. No training module may exceed four months. For interns, only one phase of the DS-7002 has to be filled in independently of the duration. (Exception: In Hospitality & Tourism, interns also have to go through several internship phases.)

J1 Visa Company Confirmation
We Confirm Your Placement!

Upon having received both documents and checked the company’s website, Intrax schedules a so-called validation call with your primary supervisor to confirm your placement and to ensure that your supervisor understands the goals of a J1 visa program.

J1 Visa Program Quality
We Monitor the Program Quality

During the program, Intrax will ask your supervisor to provide feedback to evaluate the internship’s success. These notifications go out at least during midterm and at the end of the program. More often depending on the length of your stay.

J1 Visa Eligibility Check
We Double-Check Eligibility

Intrax only schedules an on-site visit at a host company, if the annual revenue is less than $ 3 million AND the company has less than 25 employees on site AND the company has not hosted a J1 intern or trainee with Intrax as the sponsor before. Please check for the fees involved in an on-site visit.


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