Your Internship in Germany

charlottenburg palace berlin
Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

An internship in Germany is a wonderful opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in your field of study. You will grow professionally, gain self-confidence and learn how to thrive in unexpected situations. But most importantly, you will enjoy living and working for a few months in one of Europe's most fascinating countries. We offer a variety of placements, mainly in Berlin, which is home to international companies, large and renowned universities, a big start-up scene, organizations, foundations and NGOs. Berlin is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe, attracting young people from all over the world. Being a mix of tradition and modernity, Berlin is zeitgeisty yet affordable, and its different neighborhoods are a testimony to the city’s great diversity. With its vibrant cultural & arts scene, its numerous parks and green areas, Berlin is a hotspot for bright and independent minds. At the same time, Berlin “breathes” German history like no other city in Germany and makes sightseeing an unforgettable experience - There is an endless amount of museums, memorials, churches and historical landmarks waiting to be discovered.

Key Facts about your Internship

  • Year-round start possible (organized group activities only take place in the summer)

  • Application deadline at least 12 weeks before start date

  • 8-12 weeks (only mandatory internships for credits may last longer)

  • No special visa for EU citizens necessary (exception: internships longer than 12 weeks), all others can come on a tourist visa

  • 40 hours per week, 2 days of vacation per month

  • all internships are unpaid, the focus is your professional development.

  • different internship fields possible

We go by internship field that must relate to your field of study, with projects matching your skills, experience and expectations. Brand name, specific industry and company size are no search criteria. Companies range from 3 to 300 employees.
Berlin is a hotspot for start-ups, but we also place in more established small- and medium-sized companies. English may be the office language or else you would get projects in English.

Program Requirements

In order to apply for an internship in Germany you need to fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • have a native speaker level of English or have excellent German language skills

  • apply for an internship related to your field of study

  • have completed 4 semesters of studies (and still be enrolled by the end of the program)

  • be flexible, have a positive attitude and show interest in other cultures

  • hold a GPA 3.0 or higher

Your Application Process

In order to apply for an internship in Germany, we need the following documents from you:

  • valid passport (pages with personal data)

  • American-format CV

  • motivation letter in English

  • proof of student status and transcript

  • signed form "Intrax Internships Terms and Conditions" (you can download this form after your registration)

Step by Step to your Internship in Germany

girl sitting at office desk
Apply online

Register in the MyIntrax portal, fill out the application form and upload your documents.

girl sitting in front of laptop
Your webcam interview

Schedule a skype interview with us to tell us about yourself and learn more about the program. Use the interview to practice presenting yourself online via webcam to a potential employer.

wallet with credit cards
Pay your interview fee

Your interview fee becomes due once Intrax connects you with a company interested in interviewing you. 

employees at the office
Find your internship placement

With the confirmation from both sides that the interview resulted in a placement offer and acceptance, the remaining program fees become due.

traffic exit sign
Prepare For Your Departure

Now it's time to figure out your plans for housing, your flight schedule and your arrival in Berlin. Have a great time abroad!

Program Costs and Benefits

For participants from Schengen countries the program costs amount to 820 €, from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, South Africa the program fee is $1.100. The following services are included in the fees:

  • Interview preparation call

  • Optimization of application documents

  • Outreach to host companies in your field of study

  • Detailed internship description

  • Scheduling skype call with interested host companies

  • Thorough program consultation

  • Orientation, meetings and social activities with other intern during summer internships

  • Emergency phone and on-program support service

  • Internship permit and visa support - if applicable 

  • Program certificate upon completion

  • Organized group activities in the summer

Not Included
  • Housing costs (approx. 600-1100 € per month)

  • Flights 

  • Medical Insurance (we recommend the Protrip-World insurance)

  • Airport pick-up in Berlin ($100)

  • Living expenses (approx. 100 € per week)

Please consult our FAQ section for more information on your expenses during your internship.