Work at a Summer Camp

Going to summer camps has a long-standing tradition in the United States. Every year many kids and teenagers spend part of their summer vacation with peers from all over the country in a camp to enjoy weeks of adventure and fun activities away from school and their parents. As a camp counselor, you are a mentor for these kids and help your team of co-workers organize group activities, teach a new sport or hobby or plan fun outings in nature. There are different types of summer camps in which you can be placed, depending on your interests, skills and previous experiences.

AmeriCamp Quick Facts

  • 8 complete weeks between June and August

  • 1 additional week of orientation

  • 2000$ pocket money 

  • insurance, room and board all inclusive

  • 1 full month of optional travel time at the end of the program

  • as an offical J1 Camp Counselor Visa Sponsor, Intrax takes care of all legal formalities for you to participate in the AmeriCamp program

Who is AmeriCamp?

AmeriCamp is part of our global Intrax family. Every summer we place young people from many countries in a wide variety of summer camps. 

AmeriCamp has been working with over 900 summer camps all over the U.S. for many years already. 

Types of Camps

There are various types of camps that cater to different campers. Depending on your profile and experience, we will do our best to find the best placement for you. Do you play in a band or coach a local sports team in your free time? Or do you have experience with caring for special needs children? Then you could be a great fit for some of our available camps!

boy playing basketball
Specialty Camps

Camps that have a special focus on certain sports or activities like soccer, swimming, climbing, music, art or horseback riding.

boy with heart
Special Needs Camps

Camps with a focus on children and young teens with disabilities and special needs.

boys playing tug of war
Day Camps

Day camps only run during the day and kids will spend the night at home.

boy on paddle
Private/Non-Profit Camps

Run by private individuals or non-profit organizations.

girl with bible praying
Religious Camps

Camps with a special focus on a specific religion or philosophy.


To apply for our AmeriCamp Program you need to meet certain criteria:

  • be 18 years or older 

  •  be responsible and enjoy working with kids and teens

  • be proficient in the English language

  • have at least a high school diploma

Program Costs

Placement Program * 450 €
Self-Placement ** 590 €

*Placement Program:
Application fee of 300 € upon submission of documents and video-interview
Remaining fee of 150 € is due after placement in a summer camp

*Self Placement:
Complete fee due upon submission of documents and video-interview

If you want to know exactly what you'll sign up for - feel free to have a look at the contract you will sign at a later point during the process.

Did you Know?

Your visa allows you to stay in the United States for up to one month after the end of your AmeriCamp program. Use what you earned as a camp counselor, travel the country and explore all corners of the USA!

Ready to start your adventure with AmeriCamp?

You fulfill the requirements and want to spend your summer in the USA? 

Step by Step to your Summer Camp Job

Camp Counselor and kids
This is what you want?

Start your online application.

skype interview online
Your Interview

Once we have received your application, we will invite you to an interview via video in order to ensure your program and visa eligibility. Afterwards you will receive an invoice for the application fee of 300 €.

Summer camp tents
Find your Camp

AmeriCamp will now start looking for a Summer Camp that would like you to join their team based on your interests and skills. Please be open to all regions in the USA.

Summer Camp Beach
It's getting serious!

An interested Camp will either offer you a position directly or will suggest a video interview. Either way, you're about to find out exactly where you'll be spending the summer of your life!

Signing a piece of paper
Whats next?

Once you have been placed in a Summer Camp, you will now receive the invoice for the remaining program fees (€390).

visa for the usa
Your Visa

We are a designated J1 visa sponsor by the U.S. Department of State. We will send you the DS-2019 form to apply for the J1 visa. A personal interview at the U.S. Embassy is also required as part of the visa application process.

shadow of departing plane
Go abroad!

Once everything is ready to go, you can depart to the USA - we wish you a great time!

Group of friends at Summer camp
Eva (from France)

"I live in a shared house with two other counselors. I led several mini games with the kids, other activities are organized by the directors (zip lane, archery, tie dye…). All the staff is caring about our wellbeing, and there is a fun atmosphere. Day after day, I have the feeling that my English is improving!"

Two girls travelling
Sophie (from Spain)

"The summer 2022 at Camp was one of the best summers I have ever had. I did not only have lot of fun, I also learned a lot. Camp showed me that everyone can be themselve and you won't be judged for it. The Camp supports sisterhood, empowerment, kindness and growth."