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Living as an Intern


Madrid and Barcelona have a wide variety of accomodation available for interns including: Residences, Shared flat, private rentals, Hostels and Homestays.
Do not hesitate to ask us for advice, we will be glad to advise you as you search for suitable accomodation. 

We advise booking a furnshied room for the first four weeks to help you settle in, get organized, meet new friends. You will then be able to take your time and search for a place with a good commute to your host company.

If you a looking for a furnished room in a shared flat, you should expect to pay 300 - 500 € per month. For an apartment on your own, it will be 800 - 900 €.

Click here to get a non-binding housing offer.

More useful housing websites:

And if you are looking for a private homestay: BedyCasa


Commuters in Madrid and Barcelona have several options available including Metro, bus, train and bicycle. We are happy to use our local knowledge to explain the system to you and advise you on the best options for you.

We can inform you about the most popular tourist destinations that you should visit isuring your time in Spain and adivse you on the best transprot connections from your city.

We also offer an airport pick up service on your arrival. Please contact us for prices and further information about the service.

Free Time and Travel in Spain

Madrid offers visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy an ancient and modern city at the same time. This is reflected in monuments, buildings, and culture, with many museums hosting some of the best art exhibitions in the world. As the capital city and the heart of Spanish culture, Madrid offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of Spains many diverse cultures in one place. 

Barcelona has grown to become one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world. From its legendary markets and squares to the world renowned Sagrada Familia, Barcelona boasts a rich and vibrant culture with something for everybody especially in art, sport and music.