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Internship Germany - Accommodation

Accommodation in Berlin

In Berlin, you have the chance to choose from different types of accommodation to find something that fits your needs and wishes, whether it’s a single or double room, private residence or student housing. You may also book an accommodation for the first weeks or your entire stay. Just use this website to request housing information.

Check out this housing pdf or visit a few more websites which are helpful when looking for housing in Berlin:

Rent in Berlin varies based on neighborhood and type of accommodation: You should calculate roughly 350 – 400 € per month for a single furnished room and 600+ € per month for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Please make sure that you have secured your housing before you depart your home country (and let Intrax know where you will stay) - please do not wait to find housing until you arrive.

Also, beware of online scams and be extremely cautious when providing personal and/or financial information, such as bank account or social security numbers.

Free Time and Travel in Germany

Berlin is one of the most exciting capitals in Europe, attracting young people from all over the world. Being a mix of tradition and modernity, Berlin is zeitgeisty yet affordable, and its different neighborhoods are a testimony to the city’s great diversity. With its vibrant cultural & arts scene, its numerous parks and green areas, Berlin is a hotspot for bright and independent minds. At the same time, Berlin “breathes” German history like no other city in Germany and makes sightseeing an unforgettable experience - There is an endless amount of museums, memorials, churches and historical landmarks waiting to be discovered.
Moreover, Berlin is home to multicultural festivals and street markets, to theaters, clubs and beer gardens, and its great public transportation system allows you to get around the city easily and quickly, also at night. Located in the heart of Europe, Berlin is also a great starting point for travelers who would like to further discover Germany and the lots of Europe.
Succumb to the city’s charm to proudly be able to say “Ich bin ein Berliner!”