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Work & Travel USA - Prices and Benefits

Job Placement Service

Program Fee 2020: 1,200 €

  • 300 € application fee due upon submission of complete application documents and skype/webcam interview.
  • Remaining Program Fee (900 €) due upon receipt of confirmation of placement.

Programme Benefits

  • Summer job placement in the USA
  • Up to 4 interview opportunities if matches did not work out
  • Refund of application fee if host companies did not make job offer
  • DS-2019 form for applying for the J1 Work Travel visa
  • $35 SEVIS fee included
  • Insurance with benefits according to J1 visa regulations
  • Support finding housing
  • Preparation for visa application, including guidelines
  • Online handbook and other travel documents for the programme
  • Program consultation and pre-departure information
  • 24-hour emergency phone number in the USA
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the Work & Travel USA programme


Extra Costs

  • Visa: approx. $160
  • Flight
  • Evidence of personal funds: For the visa interview, you must be able to prove that you have personal funds of at least $1,000.
  • Living costs: Conditions depend on the job. The appr. cost of accommodation will be stated in each job description along with your hourly wage.