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Internship USA - Hospitality Internship

  • Pre-matched, paid hospitality internships
  • Mainly Culinary and F&B
  • Usually 12 months
  • Start Dates: year round

Gain work experience and improve your English, live in another culture and develop a professional network – a hotel internship in the US prepares you for a successful future!

Milos about his hospitality experience with Intrax

I recently got back in Serbia and still getting used to a time difference and jet leg and also I'm super busy every day, cause everyone wants to hear about my internship experience. I learned so much about US business culture, and I'm sure this experience will have a huge impact on my professional development, academic studies and most certainly for my future career, in which ever part of tourism and/or hospitality I decide to pursue my studies and career.

The director of human resources arranged my whole internship and led me through work during my first few days at a new job position. Perfect professionalism and she really takes great care of her employees, throughout the whole summer she made sure I'm treated well and according to what was the internship program.

I'd like to mention the general manager who was such a good mentor, showing me the right example of what good organisational skills are, and I think even more important the customer relationship skills. That is something I had to learn a lot about, especially cause there's a lot of difference between US and European customer service, and he was a perfect tutor.

I just signed up for continuation of my master studies in Tourism and Hospitality management!

The Intrax Hospitality Internship Program provides you with an opportunity to gain practical experience in a world-class hotel, such as Hyatt and Marriott, or in other hotels or resorts throughout the USA. The Intrax team will match your hospitality or culinary background with suitable positions provided by host companies they work with. We are looking for professionals, trainees and students with hospitality work experience.

Internship USA: Hotel Internship Program Facts

Internship USA - Fields and placing process

Intrax mainly cooperates with hotels for internships and trainings in F&B and Culinary. The field of internship must be related to your studies or previous work experience.

Please visit Intrax Global Internship to see examples of the kind of positions Intrax would place you in. If you like what you see, you can start applying via MyIntraxPortal, telling us your desired field of internship and your desired program start. Please scroll down for detailed application information.

Once you have filled in your online application and uploaded the application documents, we will do a Skype interview to find out more about your motivation and expectations. When we have received your application fee, our collegues in the USA will arrange a Skype/Webcam interview between you and an interested host company. Please only accept the Interview if you are really interested in an internship in that company. Further interviews with other companies can be arranged if needed.

Step-by-Step to the USA:

1. Telephone/Skype Interview with a representative of your Intrax European office in Berlin/Germany
2. Confirmation of participation and invoice for Application Fee
3. Matching with a US host company
4. Skype interview with an interested Host Company (Please only accept the Interview if you are really interested in an internship in that company. Further interviews with other companies can be arranged if needed.)
5. If both sides agree: internship contract and payment of the remaining program fees
6. Applying for the J1 visa.

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Internship USA - Eligibility

  • Current student with at least 2 semesters of studies in hospitality or recent graduate in hospitality
  • hospitality degree + 1 year of work experience in hospitality
  • At least 5 years of work experience in hospitality
  • Good English language skills
  • Flexibility, positive attitude and interest for other cultures
  • Your J1 Visa must be arranged through Intrax

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Internship USA - Time line

  • Application deadline: at the latest 12 weeks prior to your earliest possible start date

Internship USA - Accomodation

Some of the hotels and resorts provide housing and will then deduct rent and meals, if applicable, from your wages. In case your hotel does not provide accommodation you will receive from Intrax useful information about how to search for housing prior to departure. In most cases you are allowed to stay after your arrival for 1 to 2 weeks in the hotel while you are looking for suitable accommodation.

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Hospitality Internship USA - Program Fees

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Internship USA - J1 Visa

Once you have successfully been placed in a Hotel Internship, you can apply for the J1 visa. You will receive all necessary documents and information from us on how to apply for the visa. You will also have to arrange a personal interview at your local US embassy or consulate.
As visa appointment waiting times can be quite long and we do not have any influence on the visa processing times of the embassies, we highly recommend to not book a flight before you have received your J1 visa.

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Internship USA - Application

  • Step 1: Online Application through MyIntraxPortal
    When you register, please write your personal data exactly as in your passport! You can always save and continue later. Please submit your application only if it is complete. We will check your preliminary application and then activate your account so that you can start uploading documents. (In case the global website states different program fees, the fees on this website apply.)
  • Step 2: Submit required documents:
    Copy of the first two pages which include your personal data. Please note that your passport needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the program end date.
    In English, American format: Please convert your CV into an American style resume, maximum of 2 pages. Feel free to use our resume template:
    Please create a short video to show your "knife skills" for culinary or personality and work experience if F&B or front office. We are requiring all candidates to submit a video as our host companies prefer this and match quicker with candidates who have a video. 1 - 3 minutes, not more that 1 GB, Format: MPEG, MOV, AVI, WMV or FLV. See video instructions here:
    Proof of Language Level
    (English native speakers do not need to upload test results).
    Please go to and do level 2. The test is free and takes 35 minutes. You need at least 41 points. Please upload a screenshot of your test result.
    Certificate of University Enrollement and Transcript OR Copy of Diploma
    Please also upload translations of these documents if they are not in English
    Some of the documents (DS-7002, Host Company Agreement, Financial Statement) you can only upload after placement.
    Terms & Conditions
    Contract Hospitality Internship USA 2019
    (Please sign and upload)
    Some of the documents (DS-7002, Host Company Agreement) you can only upload after placement
    FYI: Intrax Internships Terms and Conditions (to be later signed via DocuSign)
    FYI: Information Sheet: Collection and Processing of Personal Data

If you have any questions please contact us: +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 94 or via email at

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