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Internship Abroad - English Test

How good is your English already?

Test your English easily and free of charge with this language test. We (and you) will get a feel for how good your language skills currently are, based on 50 questions covering grammar, vocabulary and general understanding.

At the end of the test, you will see your score on the screen straight away. The result is given on a scale of one to ten, which indicates your level from Beginner right through to High Proficient.

Start the English test...

The following table gives you an overview of the ten different levels of language proficiency. The language test will give a first impression of whether your English is good enough for your desired programme (see criteria for the individual programme for details).

If you are not yet at the correct level for your programme, you may wish to book a preliminary language course, in order to brush up your English and reach the required level. Simply contact us with your result and we will be happy to advise!

Scale English level Description Our course recommendation
1 Beginner Answer simple questions, use basic greetings, and make introductions Standard course
2 Low Basic Use present, past and future verb tenses in sentences Standard course, Intensive course or Super Intensive course
3 High Basic Beginning to use present, past and future verb tenses in basic conversations
4 Low Intermediate Comfortable using present, past and future verb tenses in basic conversations
5 Intermediate Proficient in the use of all basic verb tenses
6 High Intermediate Able to use descriptions, comparisons, and other conversational tools to discuss and explain thoughts, actions, and ideas Starting  with Level 6 all types of courses are possible: Standard course, Intensive course or Super Intensive course, TOEFL or IELTS test preparation, Business English, Professional Certificate in Business English
7 Low Advanced Use advanced verb tenses to describe complex thoughts in verbal and written communications
8 High Advanced comfortable using English in most situations, including commonly used idioms
9 Low Proficient Converse confidently in English using proper grammar and correct pronunciation in social, academic, and business
10 High Proficient Fluently converse with correct pronunciation and few errors