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Living as an Intern


We can advise you on where to look for Homestays, student accommodations, private rentals, shared accommodation, hotels and hostels. We can also advise you on which areas would be suitable based on the location of your internship.
Request a housing offer or visit a few more websites such as:

The following pdf document contains more information housing and transport in Paris.

Paris is not an inexpensive city. For shared housing, you should budget 500 € - 650 €. I you want to look for an apartment on you own, it will more likely be aound 1000 € per month.

Free time in France

Paris is considered as one of the best city to live in as a student!
The many bars, restaurants, multicultural festivals and markets, as well as the theatres, clubs and museum make Paris one of the culturally and historically densest cities in the world. Exquisite architecture is everywhere you turn, from the softly lit Louvre at night, to the views from the Pont des Arts and the winding cobblestone streets of Montmartre.
As a cultural exchange organization it is vital to us that your experience goes beyond your internship.  We offer guidance on how to get the most out of living in Paris.  If you are into music, theater, sports, art, history or anything else Intrax can tell you the best places to visit and events to attend for your individual interests budget.
We can guide you on where to go to make friends and meet like-minded people.