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Internship Germany - Prices and Benefits

Program Fee 2019:

  Host Company Interview Fee* Remaing Fee after Placement Total Program Fee
For students from an EU country and from Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein: 150 € 600 € 750 €
For students from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa $200 $790 $990
For all other students who need a visa/work authorization: $200 $1250 $1450

* This fee is due before your interview with an interested host company

Benefits Internship Germany

  • Internship placement arranged by us: Interview and matching process
  • Advice and preparation and information material for the program
  • Assistance with application documents: Resume review
  • Local contact person in Berlin and 24-hour emergency phone number
  • Completion certificate
  • Support before and during your program for matters related to your internship and general cultural information
  • Assistance with work authorization if needed

Optional Additional Benefits

  • Airport pick-up upon arrival in Berlin: approx. 100 € | $120
  • Accompanied registration at government institutions: 100 € | $120

Extra Costs

  • Flights
  • Health insurance:  We recommend the Protrip-World insurance
  • Obligatory professional liability insurance: 5 € per month. Please purchase online after placement.
  • Accommodation in Berlin: approx. 350 – 600+ € per month, depending on type of accommodation
  • Living expenses: food, local transport, telephone, pocket money: approx. 400 € per month