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International interns for your company

We give students from all over the world the chance to gain valuable work experience abroad. Are you looking for qualified interns for your company? We support you in the process of finding the right intern and we take care of all governmental requirements, all free of charge.

Advantages of the program

  • The program is free of charge for your company
  • You are not obligated to take an intern
  • Our Headquarters closely cooperate with renowned North American universities to identify qualified students for the program
  • The students are extremely motivated and often get credit points from their university for a successful internship

Our services

  • We make a pre-selection on the basis of your requirements and will only present you with suitable candidates
  • We take over the organizational part such as visa, work permit, insurance and accommodation

Our interns/students

Our US students usually come for a summer internship of 8 or 12 weeks. They are highly motivated because this internship often is part of their studies. Students from other countries often come at any time during the year and have varied program durations. In the past, our interns have successfully contributed to projects in the areas of market research, competitor analysis, benchmarking, social media strategies, translations, content creation and many more. The majority of the students we recruit are doing business studies at university.

Requirements for your organization

Basically, there are two requirements your company needs to fulfill: 

  • The willingness to give an international intern the opportunity for professional development in a friendly environment
  • You need to have a real office location where the intern is placed, i.e. no home office or anything similar


Please contact us if you are interested in taking an international intern on board.

Companies based in Spain: 

Gonzalo Cuadra
Phone : +34 911 89 81 90


Companies based in France: 

Swantje Küppers
Phone: +33 1 45 35 75 74


Companies based in any other country in Europe: 

Phone: +49 30 84 39 39 94