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Internship USA

Our Offers for Internships in the USA

C. J1 Visa Service for Self-Arranged Internships

Our J1 Visa Service

  • For students who have arranged or will arrange their own internship/training in the USA
  • We are fast: Issuance of DS-2019 usually after ca. 2 weeks from the time we have received all application documents, conducted a phone interview with you and received your payment (please note: if an on-site visit is needed, issuance of your DS-2019 may take longer)
  • The process is easy: Online application and easy email correspondence - no original documents required.
  • Intrax has been authorized by the U.S. Department of State to sponsor the J1 visa and to issue the DS-2019 for more than 25 years.

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Application Procedure

If you have any questions, please contact us via phone +49 30 84 39 39 94 or send us an email:
Please do not apply more than 6 months in advance of your program start date.

Online Application

  • Step 1: Online Application through MyIntraxPortal
    When you register, please write your personal data exactly as in your passport! We will check your preliminary application and then activate your account so that you can start uploading documents. (In case the global website states different program fees, the fees on this website apply.)
  • Step 2: Submit required documents (see below)
    We check your documents and invite you for a phone interview
  • Step 3: Pay J1 visa service fee
  • Step 4: Host company validation
    Be sure to let your host company know that Intrax is your J1 visa sponsor and will contact them via phone to confirm your internship/training. If there is no phone contact, the process cannot move forward.
  • Step 5: Final review and issuance of DS-2019
    Intrax can only issue the DS-2019 within 2 weeks if your documents are complete and correct, if we have received your payment and if Intrax has been able to conduct the validation call with your supervisork, if you and your superivsor have signed the DS-7002 Training Plan once it has been approved for signing.
  • Step 6: Pre-Departure Information
    Intrax will send you further pre-departure information on living in the USA, SEVIS, Social Security Number, Travel Validation, and taxes as well as guidance on applying and interviewing for the J1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
  • Step 7: Schedule an interview at your U.S. consulate. Visa wait times can be found here

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Application Documents

Information and Document Upload

(You will see these fields only after we have activated your account)
  • Work Experience
    Interns may click "no" since they do not need to have any work experience. Trainees must fill in this section.
  • Upload Passport
    Copy of the first two pages which include your personal data. Please note that your passport needs to be valid for 6 months beyond the program end date.
  • Upload your Resume
    English c.v., American format starting with the most recent academic status/work experience: Template
  • Upload Job Offer Document
  • Upload Proof of Language Level
    (English native speakers do not need to upload test results).
    Please go to and do level 2. The test is free and takes 35 minutes. You need at least 41 points. Please upload a screenshot of your test result.
  • Upload Proof of Financial Responsibility
    If your host company pays you less than $1500 per month, we need a financial statement. You can either ask your parents or another first-degree relative to fill in and sign the Letter of Guarantee or you can ask your bank to complete the Financial Statement or to provide their own bank statement. Please note that the statement needs to be in English and that the amount has to be noted in US$ as well. The documents need to be type-written and have real signatures.
  • Internship Training Plan DS-7002
    We will send information via email.
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
    Once Intrax has issued your DS-2019, you will receive an email notification.
  • Upload Prior Visa
    This concerns previous U.S. visa. Please upload a copy of the relevant passport page.
  • Upload University Letter
    Only applies to interns who are current university students.
  • Upload University Letter Translation
    If your school certificate is not in English, please translate it yourself.
  • Upload Diploma / Certificate of Graduation
    Only applies to recent graduates and trainees.
  • Upload Transcripts
    Please upload your official and latest transcript listing your current courses (Only applies to interns who are current university students.)
  • Upload Terms & Conditions
  • Contract J1 Visa Service USA 2020 (Please sign and upload)
    FYI: Intrax Internships Terms and Conditions (to be later signed via DocuSign)
    FYI: Information Sheet: Collection and Processing of Personal Data
  • J2 Application
    Family members of a J1 visa holder may apply for a J2 visa. The spouse and unmarried children (under the age of 21) may accompany the J1 visa holder to the United States. J2 visa holders can stay in the USA for as long as the J1 visa holder remains in official status. Please add each each family member in your application. Fee: 595 € /$660 per person for the first month plus 95 €/ $105 for each additional month.

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