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Work & Travel USA - Step by Step

Find your own summer job
Please have a look at the job critera you would need to consider when applying.

Program Consultation
If you have any questions, our European office in Berlin will be pleased to help.
Please contact us at:
E-mail: Astrid Dittberner,, telephone +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 94.
If you prefer speaking in French, please contact Claire Busson,, +33 9 70 46 52 32

Program Fee
We will invoice you the fee after we have received your complete application documents and after we have conducted a skype/webcam interview with you.

Placement confirmation
Intrax contacts your host company and confirms your placements.

Visa documents
You will receive the DS-2019 form together with other information regarding your visa interview.

Visa interview at the American embassy
Now you can schedule an appointment with the American embassy in your home country. Please check your local website for more information. Please note that you must have an in-person interview at the American embassy.

The US consulate recommends that you wait until you have received your visa before booking your flight. If you book it sooner, it will be at your own risk.

Pre-Departure Orientation
Before you leave for the USA, you will be required to do an online pre-departure Orientation. You will receive important information for your legal stay in the
United States.

Enjoy your stay in the USA!