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Work & Travel USA Application

Contact us to discuss and receive advice regarding the program:
E-mail: Astrid Dittberner, telephone +49 - 30 - 84 39 39 94.

Online Application

Step 1: Online Application through MyIntraxPortal
When you register, please write your personal data exactly as in your passport! (A new DS-Form due to application errors will cost you 100 €) You can always save and continue later. Please submit your application only if it is complete.

Step 2: Please send your documents Please check the quality/legibility of your documents beforehand.

3. What next?

Interview: Once we have received your application, we will invite you to an in-person interview via Skype/Webcam (DOS requirement), in order to ensure that you satisfy the visa conditions and are familiar with the program guidelines. The interview also gives you the chance to discuss any questions you may have with us.

Application Fee: Now you will receive an invoice for the application fee of 300 €. Please read the terms & conditions to understand our refund policy in case of cancellations.

Job interview offers: Intrax will match your profile with U.S. host companies according to program dates, gender, and qualifications (i.e. certified lifeguard). Please be open to placements in different regions in the USA. Intrax will send you to interview opportunities along with job descriptions. If you reject an interview offer with good reason, Intrax aims to offer you up to three other options.

Confirmation of the job: You will interview for a specific position. Sometimes Intrax in San Francisco will conduct skype/webcam interviews on behalf of the host company, but most host companies want to interview candidates via skype first before confirming the job offer.

Job contract and program fees: After you have received confirmation of your chosen job, you will receive an invoice for the remaining program fees. Once your payment has been received, you will sign the Intrax Conditions of Participation online as well as the job contract.

Visa forms: We will send you the DS-2019 form to apply for the J1 visa, This is filled in for the US Embassy online. On the US Embassy website, there is detailed information about the Embassy interview and required documents.

Embassy interview: You will now need to arrange an appointment with the US embassy of your country of residence. Details of how to make this appointment and what you will need to bring with you can be found on the US Embassy website. The visa must be applied for in-person at the Embassy (or Consulate).
The American authorities require proof that you have adequate funds for your residence (approx. $1000 per month). As you will be paid for your work in the USA, it is usually enough to prove that you have $1000 for just the first month. A current bank statement showing this sum is sufficient.

Flight: The U.S. Embassy recommends that you book your flight only after you have received your J1 visa.

Pre-Departure Orientation: Shortly before departure, we will send you an invitation to an online pre-departure orientation. You will be informed of how to apply for your Social Security number, check-in details, your contact person in case of problems, and many other important details. You may, of course, contact us with questions at any time.

And that's it! Good luck in America!


Repetition of Program

You can participate in the Work & Travel Program up to 3 times. The J-1 visa application is independent of a former participation in other J-1 programs, such as High School, Au pair or Camp Counsellor in the USA.